The history of the hotel goes back to the time after the second World War.


The hotel`s history goes back to World War II. The history of the hotel reaches back to the time after the Second World War, when the entrepreneur, Henrik Tholstrup, saw the need for greater room capacity in the Capital city. Tholstrup decided to buy an existing military barracks that had been used as an emergency hotel by the Allies as the site of the new Hotel Oesterport in 1947. Back then, the address was Oesterbrogade, but the name of the street was changed to Oslo Plads in 1962. In the swinging 60’s, the Oesterport Hotel became a popular place for people to meet for beer and enjoy time with friends due to its centrality and excellent connection to the city’s transport network. In 1981, the legendary chef, Erwin Lauterbach, opened Restaurant Saison at Hotel Oesterport. For eight years he enchanted his diners with French inspired cuisine. Among them were some of the biggest artists of that time. Once, the famous Joergen Nash offered a painting in return for a meal. The hotel has undergone man extensions and renovations. In 2019, the current lobby was inaugurated along with a number of renovations throughout the hotel.

Are you old enough to remember Ejler Jørgensen and Erwin Lauterbach?

This is when the food adventure started - followed up on state television. "Unforgettable food broadcasts with Conrad and Aksel". It was in the swinging 60s - just 15-20 years after the Second World War, and the Danes had just gotten rid of the ration labels that had really frozen the enjoyment to the simplest imaginable. Through history two legends in Danish gastronomy, Ejler Jørgensen and Erwin Lauterbach have left their food prints at Hotel Oesterport . The picture shows “The cold lunch table” at Hotel Oesterport in the 60s.

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